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Week 2 reflections


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What’s up fellow Falcons fan, MAN what a game last night!!!  After letting this W soak in I wanted to make a few statements about this team and what I saw last night. 

First, let’s start with the good:

O-Line: Sure we gave up a few pressures, had some mental errors, gave up a sack but all-in-all the OL played well. I get goosebumps hearing Al Michaels say “wait, is that McGary out there, I thought he was done for the night” - this kid gets carted off the field and gets back in to finish the game!  If that’s not grit level 1000, I don’t know what is. That HAD to have had a morale impact on this team and that’s the most heart I’ve probably ever seen from a Falcons player in my 30+ years watching this team.  Then the Jake Mathews pancake to spring Julio, I’ve never seen a sumo wrestler fall on a toddler but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it would look like! 


DB’s:  Tru killed it with 2 INT’s but the real star on the field was Ricardo Allen, this guys football acumen is through the charts. He was running up to other DB’s, LB’s and was truly a field general and deserves that “C” on his jersey, how different does Ricardo look today versus when we drafted a skinny little CB that was always on the “will he make the team” bubble.  We are a completely different team with Jones, Neal, & Allen patrolling the field.  


D-Line:  For the first time in a long time, if not EVER we looked like a tough team.  I’m not talking about a team that makes a sack here and there, I’m talking blowing a great O-Line off the ball, not getting gashed by big run plays, putting a hat on Wentz consistently. This D-Line won the trench battle against one of the best O-lines in football and I can’t remember the last time we passed the “eye test” and looked extremely tough. Takk, Beasley, and Jarrett are going to be a force this year! 


Now the head scratchers:

Dirk: the thing I’ll say here is that it’s game 2 and I’m assuming there’s a ramp period for the O the be hitting on all cylinders and very rarely does a team in a “new system” go out there and look like the 2016 Falcons. However, if the Eagles are blitzing all game we should of been able to “make them pay” on way more than just that immaculate Julio play.  When you blitz as a D you’re taking a defender off a WR and we have the best WR trio in the NFL, a great pass catching RB and a great TE. How did we not exploit their blitzes time and time again with screens, short slants, etc. Not to bring this up, but if you blitz Brady or Brees you pay nearly every time. I put the majority of this on Dirks play calling 


QB: Matty Ice, what are you doing man!!!!!?  Overthrow two wide open WRs, severely under-throw Julio in a 1:1 jump ball situation (sure someone barely touched Matt Ryan, but don’t think the ball was getting to where Julio could make a play regardless) and then throw 3 TERRIBLE INTs!?  I’m not going to beat this to death but if you’re one of the highest paid QBs in the league you can’t be making these rookie level mistakes. Sure, love the resolve Matt Ryan has but come on man! 


RB: This is pretty much Dirk x2, but throwing 75% of the time will make us completely one dimensional. Where are the screen plays? I’m starting to remember the Dirk offense, and the zero screen calling. We have capable RBs in Ito & Free, just need to make the D honest and not be able to stack the box. You “stack the box” against a Bridewater, not against the former MVP in Ryan and don’t get burned. The Eagles showed no respect for Matt Ryan and blitzed all night and were really only gashed on a 4th & 3 play, hopefully Dirk gets this figured out and we can be more balanced. 


In closing:  I’m proud of the Falcons and the fight we showed, but good lord this blowing leads and letting teams back into it is getting sooooo old!!!!!  Why is every press conference “we bounced back”, why can’t it be “we were unrelenting and didn’t let them have a chance to get back into it”. When will this team turn that corner and change this “we didn’t give up” mentality to “the opposing team never had a chance”. I’m going to bring this back full circle though, McGarys return to the game should be the mindset of EVERY Falcons player and coach, and when we finally accomplish that we will hoist the Lombardi. Now let’s go dominate the colts and their backup QB. 



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