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This was a Playoff like game and the best Fight of the year


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Yesterday, I was at BBW during the afternoon games, Cowboys vs Redskins, Vikings vs Packers, 49ers vs Bengals, all games were well played and the eventual better team came out ahead.  

I come home for the Falcons game and think the Falcons will have a struggle because of last week.

I was in for an awakening.

Falcons and Eagles fought like it was for the Super Bowl.  The pass rush, the hits, the risks and the overall feel of the game, was just bitter hate between two teams.

I was watching the game as a fan of the Falcons, but also as a fan of football.  I was numb to what ever the outcome was, but **** what a fight it truly was. 

I am very proud of the team, and to see them fight with that much heart, was a nice thing to see.

I don't know if any team in the past 5 years would have been able to compete with that type of physicality.  Even the 2016 team, I am not sure could of stood toe to toe with the Eagles O line and D line.

Guys stepped up from last week, including Oliver and the Offensive line.

I really liked the veteran leadership on the offensive line.  I thought Carpenter and Brown were a nice combo of huge guards who can handle the pass rush. 

McGary is just a nasty bull who wasn't going to go down.  He could have easily taken the game off but decided he wanted to be in the game.

The defense could be very special.  Davidson is an unsung hero with his bull rush.  Its practically unblockable.  Jarrett shows out every game and proves he is one of the best.

Takk will keep getting better and Beasley will need to keep working on finishing. 


Opposing teams think they will do what the Patriots did to us in the Super Bowl by bringing pressure up the middle.  At some point, the Falcons will realize what is going on and adjust.  I was begging for the audibles and finally Ryan did for the game winning touch down.

I could see Ridley and Jones doing screens like that on both sides of the field, both would work perfectly.

The whole Luke Stocker and Austin Hooper combo is confusing our QB.  Stocker and Hooper have identical numbers, have the same height and some what weight, wear the same white gloves, so I am sure in the heat of the moment, he can't really tell who is who.

I say we let Graham get some more looks.  

As far as the run game goes, it will be a work in progress.  I think Freeman needs to work on just one cut and go rather than 2 to 3 moves and go.  He needs to start bursting out of a cut rather than looking to do a Barry Sanders like Highlight reel every run 

Either way, the Vikings and Eagles are very good and are tough to play against.  Falcons may have not been ready week 1, which can be understandable but the next week, they did come out and proved what they were all about.

Next 4 to 5 games are manageable wins that the Falcons need to take care of to get where they want to be.  These are the games they usually let slip by them but they need to go into the bye week with a lot of momentum. 

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