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Phillies @ Braves

E. T.

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Tuesday, 7:20, Velasquez vs Keuchel

Wednesday, 7:20, Eflin vs Julio

Thursday, 12:10, Nola vs Soroka

The Giants are in for 3 over the weekend and that will be the end of the home schedule. The next home game would be Game 1 of the NLDS if all leads hold. Braves lead the Cardinals by 9 for the #2.

Phillies enter Atlanta 4 back of the WC. So the Braves have a chance to end their season. 

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3 hours ago, Unknøwn said:

Nats play a day game tomorrow. If the Braves win is paired with a Nats loss tonight it would mean the Braves could clinch the East before the game tomorrow. It would require a Cardinals sweep and the Braves winning tonight.

If we win the next two and the Nats drop 1 game, then we clinch. Doesn’t require a sweep. 

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35 minutes ago, E. T. said:

Should we start sitting starters once we clinch this thing?

No. We'll rotate guys out and give them a day off here and there but it's not gonna be treated like spring training nor should it. These guys are playing great right now. We don't need to have them lose their groove and then be cold come October. I believe that even some of the guys like Freddie talked about how there was a bit of a hangover after they clinched last year and how that carried over into the Dodgers series and they couldn't flip the switch back on.

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