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QB With 3 or more picks in a game.

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48 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

It's an interesting stat. Makes me wonder if field position for the INTs of each player mattered in any way, or if they all happened at random points on the field. It also shows me that Matt is relentless and is always looking at the next opportunity to step up. Looking at that list, I see a number of known sulkers, ready to fold up their tents when things don't go their way. 

Good bet most of those 3+ int games came when the team was losing and the QB was forced to throw a lot.

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11 hours ago, falcons007 said:

From 2008, here is list of QB and  most number of games with 3 picks are more. Brees is 6th with 11 games. Ryan has highest winning % when throwing 3 or more picks. 

1. Eli - 18 games 3-15 record.

2. Fitz : 15 games 0-15 record. 

3. Cam Newton 13, 1-12 

4. Matt Stafford  12, 1-11.

6. Brees 11, 3-8. 

7. Philip Rivers 10, 1-9

Ryan with the game against philly has 10 games with 3 or more picks.

Ryan is 5-5 when he throws 3 or more interceptions in a game.

edit: Rodgers is 0-4.

Certainly the Cardinals home game several years ago was his highlight moment. I think he had 5? and still won.

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1 hour ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Matt has thrown 3 INT games 3 times recently. Twice in 2017 and last night.,,

We've won all 3. :tiphat:

Keep it up MATTY WINTZ !!! :lol:

No. I want him to stop throwing picks.

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