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(Not Confirmed) Huge injury news! Drew Brees out for game, will require surgery and will be out multiple weeks.

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Knowing our luck, the back up would sweep us lol

I know where he can get some Vicodin.

Hope he misses both games against the Falcons 

13 minutes ago, wurzshep19 said:

He couldn’t even pick the football up. I’m no medical doctor but  gotta imagine that’s not a good sign. 

I’ve jammed my thumbs countless times to different severities, but it always hurts like heII for weeks.

but if I’ve jammed a thumb bad enough to not be able to even pick a football up, that’s at least 2 weeks time before I could. But to be able to grab it good enough to throw the ball 25 yards, that’s probably 3 or 4 weeks.

If it’s worse, a ripped tendon or break, it’s longer

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1 minute ago, gazoo said:

That’s a bad sprain at very least. No way he comes back n

They did the UCL test on the sideline and after that he didn't try to throw another ball, they taped it, and he didn't go back for an x-ray.

Assumption is it's an injury to the UCL and just a question of how bad. If it's torn and needs surgery he is gone most the season. All speculation right now but based on some deductive reasoning.

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