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*** Official Eagles Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***

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1 hour ago, falconsd56 said:

Honestly the throw to Ridley was his best throw of the night IMO

It was double coverage but only one guy had a chance at it....Ridley.


And it looked like Ridley was going to catch it until #21 hit him and knocked the ball away from him.

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I freaking hate philly fans. Had the most obnoxious ones ever behind me in 314 didnt shut up the entire game. Was so happy to get to wave at them and say go home and never come back to arrogant pricks. They turned and darted out as soon as he said the final play stood.


The next best was in the horrible exit people sardines a philly fan held up his phone showing the video of Falcons eagles two years ago as a desperate attempt to not face their shame tonight. They got screamed at to get the **** out of Atlanta. 


**** the eagles and **** the phillies... I got to scream your baseball team sucks too a bunch of times in rhythm to nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye

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1 hour ago, coastiemike said:

So you’re mad because we didn’t blow the game like you kept saying we would.  Your karma ******** didn’t come true like you kept saying it would.  I’d say all of that is worse than what you are wishing for. And now I get to live rent free in your head.  ******* moron.  LOL. karma...lol

Lol What? I'm glad we won, but Ryan had 3 ints in this game and almost lost us the game.

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13 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

It's not really their game.

They are more inaide zone than outside stretch.

When they did try to bounce it outside the edge defenders were there


13 hours ago, falconidae said:

Yeah, was trying to figure out if the Falcons made effective adjustments from last week or not. I'm watching the game as a fan and tend to miss nuances. I rely on my falcon brethren here to keep me informed.

Fairly accurate list of all teams and their OL blocking schemes:


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