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*** Official Eagles Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***

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Please..... please football Gods. Whichever fan pissed you off a few years back... PLEASE remove this curse. Just show us a little favor and let us win this one.    


(Football god reply..... nope. ...  in complete.... incomplete.... sack... sack...... game over. 

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1 minute ago, blkbigdog35 said:

It’s just ridiculous how they let the Eagles march down the field 

Not on the defense imho. Ryan choked this game away, it's up to him to bring it back.

1 minute ago, Romfal said:

Here we go again with this ****...control the game for 3 quarters then **** yourself over in classic falcons style

Frustrating, but if not for Ryan being an absolute dumpster fire this game, we'd easily still be up.

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3 minutes ago, jlrfalcon said:

and the NBC announcers all express their happiness!

Man no lie. Why can't we get dedicated team commentators like the hawks. Unique and Bob make watching the game even more fun imo

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