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Greatest Falcon of All time???

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2 hours ago, JeffAtl said:


Deion is remembered (and honored) primarily for time in San Francisco and Dallas though.  Eliminate Deion's years as a Falcon and he still makes the HOF - eliminate his time as a 49er/Cowboy and he doesn't.

He is essentially the same situation as Tony Gonzalez; both were stars here, but both built their HOF careers elsewhere.

It sucks that the Falcons were so dysfunctional and backwater during Deion's time.


Many people remember Deion as a Falcon.


Deion would've been a HOF regardless, even if he had stayed a Falcon. He was a great CB as a Falcon as well. Primetime was already a consecutive 3 time 1st team All-Pro CB by the time he left the Falcons to go to the Niners.


He only spent 1 season as a Niner. Even though that was a great season for Prime and ended with a ring, one season doesn't make you an HOFer.


As for the Cowboys those Aikman, Emmitt, Irvin teams already won 2 SB titles before Deion even got there, so he just was another great piece added to an already great team and got him one more ring before the Cowboys dynasty started crumbling after that 95' SB season that was gifted to Barry Switzer with pretty much Jimmy Johnson's team.

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