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The Falcons need a Different identity


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After painfully getting though the Minnesota game!  And awaiting Sunday night to see if Dan Quinn and Matt Ryan and the rest of the Team can scrap themselves off the floor and get it together, I’ve come to a bold conclusion!

The brotherhood motto has failed! Dump it, it was over cooked on positive vibes and it does not match a team that constantly under performs! What the Falcons need is a little nastiness bought back in to the fold!

This is the prefect time against a big time nemesis the Eagles to bring back the Dirty Bird! 

If the Falcons mange to score a meaningful TD? ( A big if at this point) Bring the Dirty Bird back! No team embodies a Dirty nasty Bird more so than the Atlanta Falcons! It will get the players back having fun! It seems they are just going though the motions with Quinn!



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