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E. T.

Braves @ Nats

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2 hours ago, jidady said:

We're 9th in the NL in runs allowed. So, yeah, our bullpen is trash. But we've given up 32 fewer runs than the Nats. This pleases me. 

Chip threw out a stat tonight that since some time during the season the Braves team ERA is 3.45. Don't remember which date that is from but it seems correct. You don't go 23-7 over a 30-game stretch if your pitching staff isn't getting things done. Also since May 24th the Braves have the best record in the NL and the only team in baseball with a better record is the Yankees. Sure would like to know what the Braves bullpen ERA is since August 11th when they started this incredible run. The Braves have given up only 111 runs in those 30 games. That's an average of 3.7 runs per game. They've allowed 4 runs or less 22 times out of those 30 games. The pitching is absolutely getting the job done right now!! So, while for the season, you could say the Braves bullpen is trash, that's not the case right now and that's all that matters. It just needs to stay that way come October.

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