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Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance - Where Are You?

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4 minutes ago, GhostofGritz said:

The Eugene Robinson Fiasco before their first Superbowl, the twin disasters of Vick’s dogfighting and Petrino in the same year, 28-3...Things happen to this team that would be rejected as being implausible if a screenwriter penned them.

I don’t think it’s a curse or anything supernatural...just poor decisions by flawed people.

I don’t think I’ll see them win in all in my lifetime.

Just reminds me of that "I survived the 2007 season" image

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Here's what gets me at least about the Falcons, have been patiently waiting the whole offseason, the draft, free agency, training camp preseason last Saturday night I couldn't sleep I was so geeked up just like I've always have been opening day and most game days throughout my life. Annnnd the have the absolute worst possible start to the season, we are 10 minutes in and they are down 14 points, looking like never seen a football in their lives. Ive already stopped planning watch the Falcons get-togethers, try not to do anything special food or drink wise, but still look forward to watching the game myself. Now they are in game 2 against a hated rivalry, an Eagles team that loads of my co-workers love, and it just has an ominous feeling like they are going to get crushed at home on national tv. Here it is Friday and I am thinking this stuff lol. It really is crazy when you think about it. LOL and its contagious my daughter has always been a huge fan too, she recently moved to the west coast, but dutifully got Sunday Ticket and her and I texted all throughout pre-season, LOL she made football eats for her and her boyfriend at 8:00 AM PCT Sunday at 9:11 she was texting  Oh no, I wasn't expecting this kind of football. 

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