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MNF Texans vs Saints

Ergo Proxy

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Just now, mattyicefalcon said:

Ryan HAS to understand his offensive line limitations and schemes on 3rd downs especially he will have to adapt and EXTEND effin plays instead of taking sacks or creating turonovers.

He gets too easily rattled by constant pass rush.

Sometimes all he has to do is dodge one defender and it would have bought him a little time to scan field. He is so slow twitched that just about 100% of the pressure gets to him. 

When he tries to roll out he is so slow the DL keeps up with him and he doesn’t get enough time to set his feet and scan the field on broken plays.

Thats why most pundits don’t care about his stats. They don’t tell the whole story and when you watch him maneuver in the pocket you see why.

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8 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Totally Random Thought:

The Bears could have had Watson (or Mahomes)... but they Mitchell Trubisky.

How scary would that be with the way they play defense?


What makes it worse was that the Bears traded up just one spot to get Trubisky lol

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