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Braves @ Phillies

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When Folty is on he is straight up nasty and probably our 2nd best pitcher and on some teams he has #1 stuff.   If all of our guys pitch to their best i would say Soroka is the true ace and then  Dall

Here's the silver lining with the last 3 games the Braves have lost, the guys that shouldn't be in the bullpen come October are making themselves known and it should be a pretty easy call.

We basically ruined the Mets shot at the wildcard, the Nats shot at the division, and showed the dodgers who the real team to beat is. Might as well **** in the Phillies cornflakes while we are at it.

1 minute ago, Black Francis said:

BS haters. A lot of players can’t even get to that ball. Bench Freid for throwing meatball pitches tonight. Bunch of dinosaurs. He was just shocked it came out of his glove and yeah didn’t play it well. Boo Hoo. Y’all should be benched. Go ahead Grandpa. Get off my lawn!!

You tryna fight tonight huh? :ninja:

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