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Could Matt make this throw?

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2 minutes ago, Wjcorner said:



so the question is can he do it...then you have the audacity to argue against the point he can by saying, ‘even if he did it TODAY’... :lol: weird bro

so weird haha he panicking cuz everybody came in here and shut him up he started looking for another lame point. you know he got mad after reading all the replies this made me feel a lil bit better lmao.

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12 minutes ago, Bquinn_11 said:

His question shoulda been “Can Matt make this throw every time?” Then he woulda got the no’s he was hoping for. 

I’m not the biggest Matt Ryan fan in the room by any stretch, but I’m also not gonna act like he’s garbage. He had a bad game, it happens. Some on here hope it happens and gloat when it does. 

And to compare him to DAK of all people?!  Just lol...

Matt has his flaws no doubt, but this is just silly.  Haters disguised as fans.

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