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Falcons vs Vikings post game presser


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Come on fellow Falcon fans, haven't we seen this movie before?! Our talent being under utilized, no passion from the head coach coupled with bad play- calling and lack of preparation in big games or games against equal or superior talent? I for one am tired of this ****! Especially when I see lesser teams executing nice offensive plays and winning games, and no names making good defensive plays  and playing their hearts out. Something needs to change within the organization. Look how the 49'ers looked today on the road! SMDH

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2. Made too many errors. When you turn over the ball too many times you get beat. 

3. Gonna look at tape for bad run fits.

4. Had a good weak of practice. So team falling flat on its face is a surprise. 

5. Mcgary got good game time experience.

6. Missed the mark badly, tell the truth Monday will reveal mistakes.

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F’it couldn’t keep listening...after him saying repeatedly we planned for it, knew it and ...we’ll didnt perform! No ****, genius! 

SOS... DQ regimen appears to be trending out! Sad after being so close, and we found a way to phuc@ it up, says it all! It coulda been magnificent and was flushed away! Are these names familiar... Freeman and Matthews? 

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