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Adding more fuel to the dumpster fire Lindstrom left in a walking boot

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Won't matter as long as Jake Matthews bum *** is playing. Seeing that spin move today was horrible. Dude looked terrible.  That and I'm still salty about his holding call in the Super Bowl.

Hope it’s not serious but that’s why they spent money on 2 guards in free agency. If Lindstrom can’t go, Brown will be active next week unless he’s hurt too

Lindstrom played SOLID in the game, too! Dude stonewalled almost every player they lined up against him. I'd like to see the #'s when Lindstrom and McGary were playing side by side, cause th

Just now, Malachore said:

Most overrated player on the team and it's not even close. ******* fat piece of ****.

I'm so done with the Falcons man. Same song and dance every year with them. We are going 6-10 this year and we will fire Quinn and TD and just go get someone stupid. 

Don't really have any faith in this team or organization. 

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