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What was the point of Ollison and Hill?


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2 minutes ago, stizz said:

Freeman with another nothing burger game and he's still the first one smiling out there ready to trade jerseys. Easy June 1 cut for the Falcons. 

I never wanted to give him that contract. RB's are too easy to find in the NFL. Ito Smith played much better than Freeman today and he's getting paid a fraction of the cost.

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30 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:


Got into a goal line situation and used Ito and a busted playaction play.  

Is that not the time for your big bodied running back to pound it in?  Is that not what they’re for?  Or are they just going to continue to take up roster space?

My guess?

FB was new to the team and we don't value them as much without a lead blocker.

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DQ is so in love with speed he refuses to see a need for a big back, he just won't do it. He keeps throwing his fly weights into the line on 3rd and 2. It rarely works. Speaking of speed I still wish we would have kept TBJ. He can take one for the long haul. Something is missing even though we have several high priced players????

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