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*** Official Falcons Vs Vikings In-Game Thread ***

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Just now, Ergo Proxy said:

Koetter did cut down on our verbiage.

It's a collaboration with Mularkey helping along the LOS/run game.

Was always gonna take some time, but the goal is to be up to speed and BETTER than we reached with Sark.

We aren't gonna have to play a front like this every week, and line is gonna get better.  

My problem is like I said, earlier, I don't even know what we're trying to do right now.  I don't know what we hang our hat on.  This offense looks like a mish-mash right now of philosophies.

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Just now, Atlantafan21 said:

Matthews struggling a lot today. 


Just now, Black Francis said:

Matthews is not earning his money. 


Just now, zekeyboy1 said:

Jake is so overrated


Just now, thofin21 said:

Matthews has been bad 

That was Sambraillo bros

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