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*** Official Falcons Vs Vikings In-Game Thread ***

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Just now, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

With an offseason, not hard at all.  Especially since Koetter's already worked with Matt.  I just knew that's what we were doing.

In-season... not so much.  Koetter apparently, spent the whole offseason learning the verbiage and everything, so it is what it is at this point.  It's too late to rip everything up and Koetter to install ALL of his stuff.  Best we can hope for are tweaks, and them getting comfortable enough that Koetter can add in a few new pieces each week.  

It's not gonna stay this bad the whole year, but this isn't a good sign at all.  

Koetter did cut down on our verbiage.

It's a collaboration with Mularkey helping along the LOS/run game.

Was always gonna take some time, but the goal is to be up to speed and BETTER than we reached with Sark.

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