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*** Official Falcons Vs Vikings In-Game Thread ***

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It’s finally here! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to show the world why 2019 is the year of the Falcons. I know we’re 4 hours away, but I’m too excited to go back to sleep so I’

**** the Saints!

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11 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

Scheme is our problem right now.

Quinn is out there running odd fronts, and playing our guys head up on linemen for some reason I can't figure out.  We ain't built that way and can't get off blocks.

We go back to that under front where they can use their quickness to shoot gaps, we'd be seeing something different right now.  They're just washing us right now the LOS on those zone runs.

Absolutely agree, but wtf is Quinn doing? No adjustments during the entire first half idk

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9 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

The crazy part is we have about the same amount of yardage as them. Only difference is we keep turning the ball over and penalties are being called on us. 


21 points off turnovers. That's the difference in this game. Not even counting our misplays on D and on O! lol

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2 minutes ago, Ghosts of Glanville said:

I passed resentment a long time ago.   I treat my fandom like a failed marriage now.  I’ve been with them for nearly 40 years, stood up for them countless times only to be let down again, again and again.  

It’s too late to divorce and find another team, so I hope they disband before I die so I can at least enjoy a few years of peace

:lol::lol::lol: ... only because it's so true. :(

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5 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

This is such a bad take. Dude got hurt after his contract and we missed him SORELY last year.

Ito is a blessing and may eventually replace Free/or we go RBBC but attacking Free when the entire team looks off? C'mon.

I'm not a fan of fancy feet, hesitation, and missing blocks.

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