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What causes us to lose tomorrow?


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I'm cautiously optimistic about tomorrow's game.   I hear a lot of talk banging the table for the Vikings due to their proven defense, but like us, they are under the control /influence of a new Offensive mind.  Despite the chatter on social media platforms and the television, I think we have a legit chance to win this game.

I have said it in many threads, but I think our key to victory is how we contain the edge on running plays.  There were a couple of plays in the preseason where Vic, Takk, Clayborn, and random reserves crashed in super hard from the edge giving up contain.  This could be an attribute to the fly around and be aggressive mantra that DQ is preaching, but there must be restraint and trust that your team mates will be doing their job.  I believe Peyton Manning's Forehead had a nice breakdown on when Grace failed to live up to the latter and a play went for big yards. 

If the edge guys consistently lose contain, then we can think back to the days when Teco would get the edge and fly down field.  Cook has better vision and if he can get the edge, it'll be a long day for us as the Vikings will have second and third down and shorts which will set them up for the play action passes. 

I feel that that the middle of our defense will hold their own so the pressure is on the edge guys to get stops or just hold the running back up for a second or two as other defenders rally to make the tackle and hopefully a strip.  So the pressure is on the edge guys to keep the Vikings in 2nd/3rd and long which will keep Cousins from getting comfortable and establishing a rhythm while allowing our pass rush to come alive.

That's my take on it.  What do you guys think will cause us to lose?

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