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Why did UGA go with Fromm over Fields?

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10 minutes ago, Zone#7 said:

Well it played a factor into why he left though not him vs Fromm. 

Still doesn't change the fact Kirby has a loyalty probably which is possibly one reason Saban has gotten the better of him. He won't make those "tough decisions".

Race 100% had no factor in Fields leaving. Why can’t y’all see Fromm is and was the better QB. Fields has a much higher ceiling imo than Fromm but Fromm fits our offense and what we are trying to do. Fields in a perfect for his abilities at OSU. 

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Race is the easiest and most untouchables reason to use for anything , politics football, why I didn’t get a job, why I got pulled over - fields left because Kirby didn’t give him the job , dude is tearing it up tho, osu much better place for him, Fromm or Swift could put up #s but Kirby not trying to win a heisman, fields is and may well do it

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