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Murray State vs #3 Georgia

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Who has more yards in this game, Swift or Cook? How many carries for Zeus? Not gonna lie, I’ll probably be watching more of Texas A&M vs Clemson. But of course Go Dawgs!!

This was some of you early in this game. You know who you are. Take a long look in the mirror and try not to let it become a habit...

Say what?  It’s still early in the season.  I could watch them play Dooley County’s middle school team for all 60 minutes.

1 minute ago, jeffro2000 said:

Pickens is going to be something. I liked him better than Hazelwood, based on what little I saw of them, but basically just told myself Haselwood was better and Pickens just had a much better HS QB since Haselwood was all dawg we thought.

Pickens is Julio and Haselwood is AJ Green

As much as I will always love Green, Julio ended up as the better player, and willingness to block is so invaluable to our offense

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