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Parsing Julio's comments about playing Sunday

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First, here's what he said. Then, let's talk about what it means:


I read it to mean this:

1. I, Julio, am being a good citizen and trying to be fully ready to play. My preparation and all that. The rest, the business side, it out of my control.

2. But if the new deal doesn't get done, I _probably won't play_. I just don't want to come out and say that, because it sounds negative.

3. If there is no new deal and I don't play, we'll probably describe as being due to my hamstring injury. There is a real hamstring injury, but under normal circumstances, it would not keep me from playing, because as you know, I played with a broken foot and I am super human. So we'll use the hamstring injury as an explanation to deflect some of the negativity.

If you read it differently, I'd love to hear your take.





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1 minute ago, MAD597 said:

The fact we are Even in a situation that this has to be asked right before our first game of the season is a problem especially for a player with 2 years left on his contract.

Blame the owner and the GM they red stamped it lol.

Blaming Julio lol give it up man your embarrassing yourself 

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