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I was on a mission for 1 thing.... And ran into this thing.


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So it started with trying to find matt Ryan's current record vs. AFC opponents (still need that btw..if anybody can help)....then I ran into this:


  Now this info is from the end of last year...and matt Ryan record vs. winning team is not that bad...I mean that's 10 plus years of game play....

-too bad for luck

-  (R.Wilson) by the end of his career... numbers won't be that nice (idk what I have with this guy but I just don't think he is a guy QB.)..to be fair..he's a winner. I just don't like the way he goes about it.

-matt Stafford?! WTH?

-didn't think Andy would be so high up.

-and then it's the guy we play Sunday. *Fingers crossed*

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2 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:












I did the hard work for you, you can do the rest on your own. If you want to know who the opponents were, scores, etc...take time and dig them up

Gotta add one more game to loss total. For that whole Superbowl debacle thing. :huh: 23-22

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10 minutes ago, octoslash said:

Quarterbacks don't play defense either.   

That will always be the flaw in any QB win/loss discussion.

Everyone says Brees is top 3, yet the Saints have numerous 7-9 season under him. Rodgers people claim he carries the team, yet they have the same RB/WR/Defense issues year in and year out.

Its a team sport. But do I thank the stars every year that we have someone as good as Matt Ryan as our QB.

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Meaningless list IMO. Winning or losing does not come down to just the QB. A QB does factor in the success of a team, but every NFL team needs a good defense and smart coaching to succeed.  We've seen Ryan have great games and the Falcons still lose because of lacking defensive efforts and missed opportunities by the coaching staff. Matt Ryan may very well of had two rings by now had the Falcons defense played better at crucial moments. 

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