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PSA: Grady about to teach T-Rex a lesson!

Ergo Proxy

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32 minutes ago, vel said:

Man I'm so conflicted because I want Bradbury to show why I was so high on him but I'd much rather he look bad for the benefit of the Falcons lol

Also, Josh Kline has short arms as well. Could be an issue there

He can show you why you were high, just after week 1. 1 bad game never hurt anyone

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14 minutes ago, NOVAFalconFan said:

Yes, and a piece of string.  Of course, it’s also possible that all the people in the background are little people, in which case I calculate that Bradbury has 93-inch arms.  I hope that’s not the case, though.

But, but what is the wingspan of a ............er, the diameter of the string...and length of course?

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I just watched a video on bradbury when he was drafted in april(Its on vikings.com), Everybody who he meets is his same size/height. He dont look intimidating.


Edit. I liked how it was wearing a falcon red tie to meet the viking front office and owner. The GM asked where his purple tie was at ? ROFL

Also he takes a stab at his college by saying some type of electronic didnt work the whole 5 yrs he was there. lol



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7 hours ago, NeonDeion said:

I thought they signed Sam Baker for a second 


7 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

That’s the only thing I saw with regards to weakness out of Bradbury was sitting down on power.Everything else he ticked the box.

Then Joseph out to have schooled by now. :ninja:

Hopefully, Lindstrom is ready for that! :tiphat: 

But ya...Shouldabeenabaker arms...still a YIKES!

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