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Depth Chart for Week 1 Released


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Here it is https://www.atlantafalcons.com/team/depth-chart.  Notice Sambraillo placed at LT backup with Gono and McGary set at RT.  Also no Kendall Sheffield (assuming due to injury)





Special Teams

Special Teams
Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
K Matt Bryant        
KO Matt Bosher        
P Matt Bosher        
KR Kenjon Barner        
PR Kenjon Barner        
LS Josh Harris        
H Matt Bosher    
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4 minutes ago, RubberDucky said:

****, the RB stack kinda surprises me. Didnt expect Barner to be ahead of Ollison or Hill.

Not really.  Free and Ito will take the running snaps and Barner as returner is already part of the 46.  If we lost a back he would be able to fill in for that game.  We could very well have both Hill and Ollison idle for the Vikings if team wants bodies elsewhere..such as D-line rotation.

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Just now, Beef said:

If you don't see a space between them then they're undecided who's in that spot.





All toss-ups between the two still.


What are you talking about? Only Brown/Carp and Gono/McGary are undecided. The others are clearly separated. 

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