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Week 1 Advice

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I'll just get right to the point.  I'm debating about a few positions and want some advice/logic as to why I should go a different way.  This is how I am set up right now.

Matt Ryan over Cam Newton.  They are both facing pretty tough defenses, but not sure about Cam's shoulder and foot.  I'd rather roll with Matty Ice, but @Minny is a tough road matchup.  The Minny defense is better than the Rams and Cam can get rushing yards/TD's to make up for mediocre passing stats, if he's actually healthy.

Rams D over Falcons D.  I'm hyped about Quinn taking over our defense and I'm not sold on Minny's offense.  Car's offense was also better than Min's last season.  That being said, if Cam really does have a foot injury and is less mobile, Rams D could feast.  I think I need to wait and see Quinn prove himself with our defensive cast, but with Rico/Neal/Jones back along with the way our DL has looked, I'm very tempted to put Falcons D in here.  I know this is an obvious pick and I'm just being a homer.  Rams D is in right now, but I'm really consider switching them out.

Last but not least, I have Lockett in my flex position vs Bengals.  My other options are Adrian Peterson @Phi or DeSean Jackson vs Was.  Jackson broke his finger, so I think I need to see him play before I can consider activating him.  AP is old, but it's the first game of the season and I suspect he'll be heavily involved in both the run and pass against Philly's aggressive defense.

Try to pass some fantasy wisdom my way.  

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Personally, I'd start MR2 over Professor Probiotic because I think he has plenty of weapons that he can use. I think McCaffrey is going to carry a lot of the load against the Rams, who will be able to disrupt Cam's comfort level with Aaron Donald blowing up the middle of their line. I think the Rams are uniquely set up to give him a hard way to go. With that said, it seems like we always have a problem with our timing when we play the Vikes, but I still would take Ryan.

I took a flyer on the Falcons D with my last pick but I'm holding them on the bench until I like what I see. Again, Donald is able to move the middle and make other players better. Not suggesting that I love their other personnel, but I'm comfortable with them against the Panties' offense.

I would take Lockett against the Bengals, who are going to have to get used to a new coordinator and scheme. Maybe that would change a few weeks down the line.

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