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September 2019 Recruiting Thread

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5 hours ago, VA F.O. said:

So do we have any kind of updated visitor list with all the recent reports?

Smallwood's list, updated at 9pm...

QB- Carson Beck (OV) Rivals100 4*
RB- Kendall Milton Rivals100 5*
RB- EJ Smith (OV) Rivals100 4*
WR- Marcus Rosemy Rivals100 4*
WR- Justin Robinson Rivals250 4*
WR- Corey Wren 3*
TE- Darnell Washington (OV) Rivals100 5*
TE- Theo Johnson (OV) Rivals250 4*
OL- Broderick Jones Rivals100 4*
OL- Tate Ratledge Rivals100 5*
OL- Joshua Braun Rivals250 4*
DL- Jordan Burch Rivals100 5*
DL- Zykeivous Walker Rivals250 4*
DL- Jalen Carter Rivals250 4*
DL- Nazir Stackhouse 4*
LB- Noah Sewell (OV) Rivals100 5*
LB- BJ Ojulari Rivals250 4*
LB- Len'neth Whitehead 3*
DB- Kelee Ringo Rivals100 5*
DB- Jalen Kimber Rivals250 4*
DB- Eric Reed Rivals250 4*
DB- Dwight McGlothern Rivals250 4*
DB- Joey Hunter 3*
K- Jared Zirkel 3*

QB- Caleb Williams Rivals100 4*
RB - Evan Pryor Rivals100 4*
OL- Amarius Mims Rivals100 5*
OL- Micah Morris Rivals100 4*
OL- Terrence Ferguson Rivals100 4*
OL- Jared Wilson 3*
WR - Deion Colzie Rivals100 4*
WR- Jayden Thomas Rivals250 4*
TE- Hudson Wolfe Rivals100 4*
DL- Payton Page Rivals100 4*
DL- Tim Keenan Rivals250 4*
LB- Barrett Carter Rivals100 4*
LB- Smael Mondon Rivals100 4*
LB- Chaz Chambliss Rivals250 4*
LB- Jeremiah Williams Rivals250 4*
DB- James Williams Rivals100 5*
DB- David Daniel Rivals100 4*
DB- Nyland Green Rivals250 4*
DB- Bralyn Oliver 3*
ATH- Daejon Reynolds Rivals250 4*
ATH - Jamal Haynes
ATH - Ga'Quincy McKinstry Rivals100 4*

QB- Gunner Stockton
QB- Holdern Geriner
ATH- Malaki Starks
ATH - Deyon Bouie
DB - Marquis Groves-Killebrew

ATH - Tony Mitchell

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Posted this in the ND game thread, but I thought it should be here.



a few nuggets:


QB Carson Beck (Jacksonville, Fla./Mandarin):

"I am so fired up. The atmosphere is 2nd to none! Noah Sewell, Darnell Washington, Theo Johnson and I went into the locker room after the game to see the players celebrating a huge win!"


Five-star LB Noah Sewell (Orem, Utah/Orem):

"I'll tell you one thing. It was UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE. Never witnessed anything like it."



5-star TE Darnell Washington(Las Vegas/Desert Pines):

"Atmosphere is crazy. Never seen anything like it. Same goes for the locker room after the game. The official visit is going great!"

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22 minutes ago, fibonaccisquared said:

Yikes... Mr. I <3 Fields is going to comment on bromances? I've seen it all now I suppose. 

I'll leave his clues a mystery I guess. 

Whatever.  You always talk about meeting up with him for a beer in front of entire internet rather than have private conversation like most would - seemed like you were proud of letting everyone know you were personal friends.

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from SoFl Dawg tonight:

So as you’ve all have read, this weekend was huge in regards to recruiting.

  1. Jordan Burch-I now believe he will sign with the Dawgs. No word on timeline and not expecting him to be some who announces soon. There’s been confidence in Dawg circles since July. I would now project him in this class; no longer feel like a toss up here.
  2. Darnell Washington-loved his weekend, loves UGA, does make one question if he still loves his initial timeline and will wait until AA game? We love the Dawgs chances.
  3. Theo Johnson-loved his weekend, I hear he felt at home. Loves the idea of big boy football. Not sure much more need be seen. Also not much to be said here that’ll be new to this board. We love the Dawgs chances.
  4. Noah Sewell-family is and has been important here. All questions were answered, atmosphere will not be matched, big boy football. Only a year to play with Penai; doesn’t matter. We love the Dawgs chances.
  5. Zyke Walker-DSGBs stay at home. Might be hard to wait until the end of the year for him to make his decision. We’ll see. We love the Dawgs chances.
  6. Zach Evans-Simply put there’s a lot going on here. Bottom line, we like the Dawgs chances. He’s said to be back in action Thursday. He needs to be in good standing with his HS team. He was in contact with staff, post incident, and Dell continues to recruit him. What’s important here is that there was communication, and transparency on how that all “looks.” Had there not been a incident, we feel he’d be committed to UGA already. Finishing the season out will be important for our staff. Staff will continue pursuit of others for obvious reasons. He was on campus at tamu this weekend. I’ve heard he loved his time out there. Apparently, he was all Aggie this weekend. Visit high or something more will be the question. Would expect a decision soon.
  7. I saw the QB talk from rivals. Hope to get something on that this week. Can’t say I’m shocked tbh.


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Pulled out of Kipp's article


2021 four-star OT Terrence Ferguson (Fort Valley, Ga./Peach County:

"The atmosphere was crazy. Honestly, I’ve never been to a game like that. We got to town at 11 am and the streets were already flooded. I wasn’t surprised by the win. But I was very excited. You had no choice but to be excited in that environment."

2021 four-star ATH Daejon Reynolds (Lawrenceville, Ga./Central Gwinnett):

"The atmosphere is crazy. I’ll definitely be back."

2021 four-star LB Barrett Carter:

"My mind was BLOWN! I felt at home and the atmosphere was crazy. That was one of the most exciting games that I’ve ever watched."

2021 DB commitment Bralyn Oliver (Honea Path, S.C./Belton-Honea Path):

"The atmosphere was crazy. I loved it. I wanted to play at that moment. I knew my boys were going to win the game. We have the weapons on both sides of the ball."

2021 DB commitment David Daniel (Woodstock, Ga./Woodstock):

"Crazy, we put that foot on the gas in the second half. Defense was killing it - especially the safeties."

2022 four-star DB Deyon Bouie (Bainbridge, Ga./Bainbridge):

"My thoughts on the game - it was amazing. Everything around me was amazing. It’s a great program to join."

2021 four-star TE and Notre Dame commitment Cane Berrong (Hartwell, Ga./Hart County):

"The atmosphere was crazy. I thought both teams played well for the most part. Notre Dame really hurt themselves on some offsides penalties. It was big win for UGA but not the blowout everyone was saying. Notre Dame has their chances to win.

2022 TE Jack Nickel (Alpharetta, Ga./Milton:

"The atmosphere was very intense. The fans really got into it. I thought both teams played great. Great experience."

2021 five-star QB Caleb Williams (Washington, D.C./Gonzaga)

"It was a great win for them. The atmosphere was awesome. It was really electric."

2020 WR commitment Justin Robinson (McDonough, Ga./Eagles Landing Christian Academy):

"Great game and well fought by Georgia. I knew they would come out with the dub. But the atmosphere is just different, like I can’t even describe it."

Four-star DE Zykeivous Walker (Ellaville, Ga./Schley County):

"The atmosphere at tonight game was amazing. It’s the best college football game I have ever been to. I had so much fun. I have never seen an atmosphere hyped like that. And the light show was great. It gave me chills all night. The one thing that excites me about the Bulldogs is how hype they are and they play with a lot of energy."

2022 OT target Eli Henderson (Duncan, S.C./Byrnes):

"Blown away. The fans and atmosphere are amazing - second to none. I love the way it feels down here and the relationship I’m building with Coach Pittman is already watertight and still growing. I love Pittman. Absolutely crazy game. Go Dawgs."

2021 four-star QB Garrett Nussmeier (Flower Mound, Texas/Marcus):

"It was unbelievable. The energy in that stadium tonight was outstanding. You could tell that this was more than just a game to both sides. It was probably one of the loudest games I have ever been to. I think it was a huge win for Coach Smart and his program."

Four-star OT commitment Tate Ratledge (Rome, Ga./Darlington)

"It was the best atmosphere I've been in to date. I thought it was a great game and always a great win."

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