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This is the first year that I have not wanted us to bring in someone from another teams purge. Looking around the league I don't see anyone that is an obvious upgrade to anyone on our 53. That's a rea

I really can't understand the TD hate at all. He's not perfect but I really don't see how we could do better. TD and co stepped their game up a few notches. To swallow pride and resign Bryant shows TD

To take care of so much business, and fix so many gaps in such a short period of time is really impressive, especially in the NFL.

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7 minutes ago, WisFalcon said:

Both Lines looked good in Preseason. I’m excited for the season to start. Wish we saw more from McGary. That is the only spot I’m questioning due to small sample size and then Sambrailo

I like Gono until McGary is ready. Not sure if he has the stamina to play an entire game yet

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This is what I’ve been telling you guys for years. You have to get yourself to the point where you’re a manufacturing line. Lose a part fill a part. And you do that thru the draft and round out the edges in FA. This can be the beginning of the falcons assembly line like the pats assembly line. For the first time in my life as a falcons fan I’m ok with every position starter and even the backups. Even better than the 98, 2012 and 2016 teams. This is a solid solid team. Guys knock quinn but from day 1 I said he likes to create an atmosphere of competition but it takes time because the first thing he had to do was get rid of the Smitty holdovers that didn’t fit what he likes in players. Then had to draft his types. They have to develop. Then have to get depth right. I said that all those injuries would be the best thing because #1 all the young guys that got called to duty got VALUABLE experience so automatically they makes depth better once the starters come back. Then you get players that were once starters as backups to backups. Then you hit the draft hard. This could be a long ride coming fellas 

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