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1 minute ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Bryant DID NOT lose us any games by missing FIELD GOALS.

I would rather have a kicker who's 90% accurate on ONE LEG then washed up kickers like Walsh or Georgio who cant even even get their **** together in practice or preseason games.

They ONE job that's it.....and that needs to be surgical.

Matt Bryant even though old has higher IQ and experience than most kickers in last decade.

Gio didn't either. He made 100%.

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Hopefully he can stay healthy, if not, id still take a good/great kicker for 13 games over a terrible kicker for 16. 

2 minutes ago, TD_Lover said:

Obviously. But the fact still stands he needed two tries to make it. He missed his first one. I said what IF he misses it? Is he still clutch in the eyes of everyone here?


Just now, EJmusic said:

The timing was off. He was just kicking to kick. He was never going to miss that kick.

Yep. Every one in the dome knew TO and he went through the motion. That’s what coaches wanted him to do on TO.

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1 minute ago, dmo_dlo said:

So we ended up paying him more to skip the camp!!

This is a valid point!!! He got an extended vacation. But at least from all outward appearances he maintained by kicking/ working out. At least we hope. If he fails to do well it’s going to get real ugly... If he does well like we all hope much crow to be eaten.

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36 minutes ago, falconidae said:

Problem with that is there's 1.3 mil dead money on the books from his contract last year. Not even worth it for the Falcons to do that.

Oh I get it but I would imagine he would have had other offers from other teams even at his age but maybe not. It was like he was waiting on the Falcons or nothing else

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