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My 53 Man Roster - The Truth


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QB – Ryan, Schaub – 2

RB – Freeman, Ito, Ollison, TBJ  – 4

WR – Julio, Sanu, Ridley, Gage, Hardy, Blake – 6

TE – Hooper, Stocker, Graham – 3

OL – Matthews, Carpenter, Mack, Lindstrom, McGary, Brown, Gono, Schweitzer – 8

DL – Clayborn, Beasley, McKinley, Jarrett, Crawford, Davison, Bailey, Bethune, Cominsky, Larkin, Miles, Odom – 12

LB – Jones, Campbell, Foye, Grace, Phillips – 5

DB – Trufant, Oliver, Kazee, Allen, Neal, Wreh-Wilson, Miller, Sheffield, Neasman, Myrick – 10

ST – Harris, Bosher, Bryant – 3


DE -  McKinley       Cominsky

DT - Jarrett           Davison

DT - Crawford          Bailey

DE - Clayborn         Odom

LEO -  Beasley          Larkin          Bethune       Miles


LT -  Matthews            Gono

LG -   Carpenter            Brown

C -  Mack              Scheweitzer

RG -  Lindstrom              Brown

RT -  McGary              Gono








We have to build up the youth of this team.  We need to put the heat on Beasley.  I like Beasley but you can tell he is not the toughest guy on the block. I also replaced Duke Riley because I love Delshawn Phillips.  

I also have Behtune and Miles making the team because they fit the mold of that hard to block pass rusher Quinn is dying for.  

Great roster.  Only thing that will keep this team back is the performance of the offensive line.  They need to gel fast and gel quick. 

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43 minutes ago, Bridgeburner said:

I like this, but.......


Senat, Riley, and Etling will all make the team.


make the changes wherever you want, but I don’t see those three being cut.

Especially since you could come up with some sneaky things geared just for Etling's dual abilities.  

I would hate to see him gone after his cool performance in such a quick adaptation to the team. 

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