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We have more talent to have more depth than any time in recent memories all So some other  teams very good players will be getting cut. Make your prediction for the PS team.

Here's mine

James- Rb This guy is explosive don't be surprised if he doesn't help us go to the playoffs.

Odom- DE Caught up in rhe numbers game. A prime example of we have better depth.

Zimmer-DT I think the DL is loaded.

Ryan Neal DB I didn't think so at first but lately he has shown some coverage skills.


Zaccedeus WR Another one who will help us win before the season is over.

Hill-I don't know if he is eligible but I hope we find a way to keep him.

Harlow OL He may help the 53 if someone is injured.

Eting  QB White Vic

I'm unsure how to spell his double name but the DT out of UCLA deserves a spot.

I think we will pick up 2 guys cut from other teams.

Who are your predictions?









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