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With So Many Young Guys, Clayborn Expendable

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There isn't a dlineman on the roster that could replace Clay's flexibility, skill, experience, and intensity.

Clay can play in a rotation at DE in base with Takk and Bailey. He can also rotate at DE and DT in pass rush packages.

Been several back up tackles played by the falcons since Clay beat a back up for 6 sacks, ain't nobody matched that.


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On 8/30/2019 at 3:46 AM, egoprime II said:

After losing Stephen Means to injury, the Falcons' DE lineup appeared thin.   So Bailey was signed.

Now that preseason is over, the Falcons appear to have a new problem.... too many DEs with only so many spots available.   Which is why I think DQ should release Adrian Clayborn.

Clayborn is 31 years old.  At DE, Bailey is the better run stopper.  At DT, we have several better run stoppers plus Crawford is a better pass rusher when it comes to sacks.

I don't dispute Clayborn can still play.  I do think we have other options now, plus several young guys with intriguing potential who I don't want us to lose.  With only five D linemen signed thru 2020, and several new options, I think Clayborn is expendable.


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