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If you can only get 1 which one would you get?


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If all is equal and we just pick one Clowney is a no brainer. Once you factor in the trade and the contract Bryant may get the nod.

i just really hope he gets traded soon so we don’t have anymore speculation threads...though they will then turn to hindsight pouting threads or told ya so threads depending how he plays.

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7 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

Bryant I know what I have no drama no need for introduction just like an old pair of slippers reliable can’t go wrong.

Clowney is all about potential.Reality is we probably can’t give him the deal he’s looking for.

I don’t think the defense need him.I like what I’ve seen so far.

I agree,, I made a post about how important the kicker is about 4 months ago.. I't's amazing how many games will ride on one must field gold.  I say use Mr dependable until he falls over...  then go out and get the best one possible.. until you can get one as good as Bryant  was in his prime .. They are so so so important.. And this is our year.. we don't want something like a kicker to stop a year we have a chance to go a long way,, Even top 4 with a chance to be the best... Yeap.. that's what I truly believe. Loaded Falcon roster.. some on here still don't see it.. but you will after a few games,,, as long as Ryan stays healthy we will fly.

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