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Chris Lindstrom Film Breakdown

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18 hours ago, Osiruz said:

He was my favorite prospect from this draft, people dont realize we got a steal to get an immediate starter on the OL. Lol @ blkg his own guy to get to the second level.

As many prospects I looked up and researched, I'll admit Lindstrom was not one of them. Just didn't see much to look into and didn't think much of him. But that was admittedly based on limited info and the thought that they would foolishly roll with Carpenter and Brown as both OGs, I stopped looking for OGs. When we picked him, I really didn't have a reaction, but the more he plays, the more I see I'm glad we took him. Stud. 

10 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

liked the pick since Day 1. Take your lumps and keep getting better each week

That's one thing I like about him. He keeps getting better. Really makes the same mistakes twice. Even when he's beat, it's a vet move that he'll learn to combat with time. I love it. 

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