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Kai Forbath


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2 minutes ago, TD_Lover said:

She got a running start. Doesn't happen in the NFL.

ESPN really had a panel all agree she would make it in the NFL. Nevermind that she didn't have on pads or a rush and didn't post the multiple failed attempts. The power of Twitter is crazy. Popeye's knows all about it.

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12 minutes ago, NashvilleFalcon01 said:

Were you really expecting anyone of them to say no? 

Since they moved away from their politics can be on the table talk, I thought maybe one would have the nuts to speak some logic, but I guess that's too much for ESPN.

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So Mr.Blank basically just let go a player who was absolutely clutch for Falcons for nearly decade gave HOF Gonzalez his first playoff win.

And we are talking about italian ice and washed up kicker who has no purpose to be on football field.

On other hand what does Seahawks do...

A league source confirmed to The Seattle Times that Myers will sign with the Seahawks. The New York Daily News reported Myers will get a deal worth up to $15.5 million with $7 million guaranteed.

An average salary of $4 million per year would make him one of the 10 highest-paid kickers in the NFL.

Just absolutely mind boggling! 

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