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Predict the Falcons starting offensive line week 1

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1 hour ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

What do you predict the Falcons offensive line will be week 1? Is there any chance McGrary starts week 1? As the season goes on who do you think will prove to be the best 5? Mack, Matthews and most likely Lindstrom are almost a guarantee I assume but what about the other spots?

No, McGary will not start Game 1.  It will be Sombrero...

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Wouldn't surprise me to see a lot of play time for Kaleb/Gono Carp/Brown against Jax that will have a huge say in this.


I expect Carp to get the nod if he's healthy enough, Gono to win out just due to rookie lumps over Kaleb.


An underrated win of the offseason is that Lindstrom looks like a good pick. Zero question about RG. We will get a whiff or two, but welcome to the NFL. Looks like he can hang and plays right up to the whistle and beyond.








Kaleb will show great things in heavy sets on run downs as the extra down lineman, and work his way into the line up.


Sombrero will be under his namesake on the bench.

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1 hour ago, Jesus said:

LT: @ya_boi_j

LG: @TD_Lover

C: @Tim Mazetti

RG: Chris Lindstrom

RT: @FalconFanSince1970


Don't worry they'll gel.

I reckon we can let Chris in the Protect MR2 At All Costs Club.

But just dam, me at C? But all is good with Chris on my right.

OL All the way to SB.

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