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2019 Fantasy Football

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12 hours ago, Falconsfan567 said:

I already missed out on Matt Ryan. I debated hard in my head if he would still be around for my round 3 pick but he was gone. I thought he would be and went with Chubb instead. I hate picking last because I've got to wait so long between picks.

Sorry, I had to get him. I think I'll be alright with him and Maholmes(I hope)

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My league went to a 14 team format this season and the draft was a bear. After the first 8 rounds or so, most of what I took was on a hunch. My squad is projected to score the fourth most points, which was surprising. Only five of my picks were not value, including QB and defense, which was a shock. Lineup is as follows:


QB Baker Mayfield
RB James White & Devin Sinclair
WR Michael Thomas & Alshon Jeffery
TE Travis Kelce
FLEX Jarvis Landry
K Ka'imi Fairbairn
Defense Cleveland
Kirk Cousins
Mo Sanu
Giovani Bernard
Jack Doyle
Ty Montgomery
Matt Bryant (!!!!!!!)
Falcons D
Hoping Sinclair is a keeper since they jettisoned LeSean McCoy. And for a few other breaks.

My nephew selected Ezekiel Elliott (round 2) and Melvin Gordon (round 4) in the biggest high risk/high reward move imaginable. I give him credit for going big but I wouldn't have taken Gordon there and might not want Zeke with my second selection this season. He tends to get lucky after getting into a hole the last two seasons, so I'm expecting that to pay dividends for him.

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