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#3 Georgia vs Vandy


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I have serious doubts that Vandy will score on GA, even being the first game of the season. I think GA will have their way with them and in the 2nd half put in the back-ups, in the 2nd half, MAYBE Vandy scores.

GA and Bama are going to prove why they are not only the top of the SEC but top in the nation!

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I’m going with something like 31-6 and I think a lot of folks will be frustrated going into halftime because the game will be closer than we’re comfortable with. Maybe like 10-6 at halftime. But we will push out to a good lead in the 2nd half and clamp down on defense for a shutout in the final 30.

If we come out running like a well oiled machine in game one on the road, I will surely welcome it! Certainly it’s possible. The realist in me however is kinda bracing for the team to have some rust to kick off before finding its rhythm.

Derek Mason usually gets his guys to play hard and collectively better than the individual pieces on defense in particular. 

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31 minutes ago, judas yeast said:

Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt a circle jerk. Proceed waterheads

Sure, I'll bite. Your predicted score varies from the Vegas line (Georgia -21.5) by a greater amount than almost if not everyone here. So I'm not sure why one would think the pro-UGA predictions are out of control.

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