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Falcons also tried out Younghoe, Elliot Fry


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The disbelief and anger were pretty palpable when the Falcons signed Blair Walsh, who wasn’t on a team last year and had two forgettable seasons in 2016 and 2015. It was fair to wonder who he beat out for the gig, and now we know.


Dan Quinn said Elliott Fry and Younghoe Koo also tried out in addition to Blair Walsh.

Fry is already off the market, having signed with the Baltimore Ravens this morning. Koo has a terrific leg but washed out with the Chargers, meaning the Falcons were basically considering zero inspiring candidates to compete with Giorgio Tavecchio this week. You’ve probably got a favorite, but it’s hard to argue that Walsh is that much worse for a quick flier than either of those players.

Assuming they are not crawling back to Matt Bryant on their hands and knees—which I think is a safe assumption—the team would be best-served waiting to see who shakes loose after final cuts, because there might be a promising young kicker who simply couldn’t beat out the incumbent who will be available. The hope still has to be that Tavecchio writes the ship and the team can move forward with him, but if that’s not the case, it’s not like the changeover to Blair Walsh is something the Falcons can feel good about.

This remains a mess.

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Just now, ParanoidAndroid said:

Koo was perfect with Atlanta Legends. I would've gone with him. Not sure what they thinking with Walsh

It doesn't so much matter who is the better man, as who is the better test taker when it comes to workouts like this.  Apparently Blair had his stuff together that day more than the others.  Given we could only dedicate one spot to this (and I think this designed to be motivational too), you kinda have to take the guy who looks best in the workout.

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3 minutes ago, Flyin' In DC said:

This is probably more about lighting a fire under Tavecchio's ***. Have him get his timing right. 

DQ said he knows what he's not quite doing right so hopefully he will get that corrected this week. 

2 XPs and 6 FG attempts this week

I made a thread about It. His plant foot from the left hash is further away from the ball than It was last year. 

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