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3 Preseason DL unblockables?


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The collective ensemble of DL product on the field has been promising in pre season to say the least.  But Takk's showing possible true dominance, he's putting guys on skates and could turn into a an offensive coordinator must game plan for player week to week. My hopes for him have been exceeded this pre season as thought he had highest ceiling for improvement on whole DL, hope he never comes off field. He is going to destroy OT not All pro and I hope he goes on Twitter rampage each week afterwards.

Grady looks super active, and unblockable one on one?

When is the last time we had 2 guys on DL with potential to wreck a game?

If Comminsky was a first round pick we would be chirping of his living up to that status based on his showing. Mighty impressed by him and sure he will be brought along slowly, but man can he hold his gap disengage and pursue. Coaches have to be licking their chops. He has manhandled some OL and  surprise with hand usage. Also REALLY looking forward to him being on punt coverage, insane.


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I believe Davidson is going to help make this DL very good. His presence is going to make Grady, Taak, Deion  and Vic  much better. Add that DQ is calling the shots and Simpson was added to the coaching staff. And if Hageman gets over that hamstring after serving 2 game suspension and adds to our power and nastiness.  Our DL will be one of the best in the league barring injury.

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