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1989Fan’s Final 53 prediction


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This was the hardest year I could remember guessing at the 53. Since game 3 is over, I feel most decisions are made, or will be made this week. Here is my guess at what I think the staff will do (with some notes/rationale)

Offense (25)

QB(2) – Ryan, Schaub

RB (5) – Freeman, Smith, Ollison, Hill, Barner (Barner was handed the PR job this week by Green/OZ, Hill is hanging on by a finger nail but could see that spot used for Paulsen, 7th WR or a defender)

WR (6) – Jones, Ridley, Sanu, Gage, Hardy, Blake (tough call on that WR6 spot, but coaches love Blake and I don’t see 2 UDFA/PS guys making the 53)

TE (3) – Hooper, Stocker, Graham (Paulsen was a tough cut, coaches love his toughness and blocking but Graham looks legit as a receiver)

OT (4) – Matthews, Sambrailo, Gono, McCary

OG (3) – Carpenter, Lindstrom, Brown

OC (2) – Mack, Schweitzer (we have 5 OLmen who are cross trained in multiple positions, which creates roster flexibility)


Defense (25)

DE (6) – McKinely, Clayborn, Bailey, Beasley, Cominsky, Odom (Odom gets the nod in a close battle with Larkin and Miles for his experience. Could see Larkin or Odom equally here)

DT (5) – Jarrett, Davison, Crawford, Senat, Zimmer

LB (5) – Campbell, Oluokun, Jones, Grace, Riley (Riley vs Phillips is real close. Riley [finally] looked the part in a big game though. May not be able to Keep Phillips on PS)

CB (5) – Trufant, Oliver, Kazee, Shefield, Miller (Cooper looks good at NB also, leading to the tough Wreh-Wilson cut)

S (4) – Neal, Allen, Cooper, Neasman (think we could see a name from roster cuts for SS depth)


Special Teams (3)

K – TBD (Italian Ice could still be the guy, but I expect some competition this week so we can see someone else in a game situation)

P – Bosher

LS - Harris


Practice Squad (10)

Etling (QB), Green (WR), Grey (WR), Zaccheaus (WR), Larkin (DE), Miles (DE), Phillips (LB), Baldwin (S), Miller (C), Stanley (CB) (if we lose a couple of these guys consider Neal (CB), Myrick (CB), Bethune (DE), Tuioti-Mariner (DT), Tre Crawford (DT))


Other (2)

Hageman (suspended first 2 weeks)

Benkert (IR)

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I think Hill and Blake have an uphill battle to make the 53. OZ has been more impressive, but I know the coaches have been crushing on Blake. 

On defense I think Odom is a close battle as well. Larkin and especially Miles as of late have been playing very well.

Tuioti needs to be on the PS to me. He has been making plays. 

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Good roster 89. My only changes are Wilson makes it with corners(6). Larkin makes it over over Odom. Zimmer is cut for the extra DB. Placed on PS. Hageman makes it because he’s suspended 2 games and he won’t count against the 53 and they can see if they’ll need him after 2 games. 

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