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Pre-season games are just broad cast scrimmages. It is a chance for everyone in the NFL to get practice reps before the season grind begins. I see people explain before about DQ but I will reiterate what he is doing. Without ****ting on other coachs DQ is really about talent development and being the best you. In order to do that you have to be able to have a good understanding of how your players will behave in certain situations. You can do this in practice but the "stage" of preseason is a better place to see how players handle pressure, bad calls, and speed of the game. Unless you evaluate players you will not know what you have so later in the season when we need to replace a injured player we will already have a idea of what to drill this player on in practice. Film, drives player development and a practice plan to fix overall team issues. Its true though you learn more from losing than from wins. For DQ and the falcons pre season is simply a way to put players in adverse positions. 

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