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Dress rehearsal Game Redskins vs Falcons

Cole World

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Just now, FalconBlood23 said:

Well I was saying we were looking good the entire time, it was you who couldn't see it. One score is not the game sure but it shows that with game planning both units look solid, and even now, our 2's are going against their 1's and look pretty solid. I just dont get when people get so upset over preseason games man. Like just chill, you should really only be on the lookout for individual players making plays that stick out. Thats all preseason is to me and thats what DQ has said himself several times. So bringing up that we haven't won preseason games in whatever time frame, idk I just find really silly

I don't really care about wins. We just legitimately have not looked good in a pre season game in a while. Which again, I don't even think indicates success that much. Just weird to me. I don't know how you could say we have looked good this entire game either lol. Our defense got a good turnover, that's about the only play they have won on. The 2's do not look that good. they're about to get a td. Again, doesn't matter too much. But acting like they look great or even good is just not true

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