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Takk McKinley Bull Rush

Cole World

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Filthy on Takks part.

Spin move in the first gif by VB44 to get home.

16 minutes ago, atljbo said:

I would be shocked if takk isn't a 10 sack guy this year if healthy.

He is one of the more gifted rushers... from speed, explosivness, to strength.... Then he has that dog.

It's all about him being in his best shape


But I love how coach quin is raving about takk

The group as a whole looks pretty decent.We just gotta get that first part right to give Takk VB44 and co more opportunities.

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5 hours ago, 1989Fan said:

The comment about “only a OT as good as Bak can hold like that and not get flagged” is BS...shows favoritism exists. It should say, “only a OT from GB, NE, DAL, NO can hold like that and not get called”

It's like Sherman in Seattle. He holds every play but doesn't get called. Once you get a reputation of being good you get the benefit of the doubt.

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