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Julio's agent is in town today


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Just now, Flyin' In DC said:

I think everyone wants to make this Julio's last contract so I would lean to a 4 year versus 3 year contract as well

His last contract until his next Training camp.... :ninja: 


Seriously though, I'm not against this at all. Price we pay for having the best WR in the game. Doesn't bother me a bit.

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1 hour ago, kiwifalcon said:

I love it just throws stuff out there.

Man he been on this team since forever and still can’t see the grass through the trees lol.


I can see the grass. I just can't see the forest. You can't see jack cause you got your head buried in the sand. You still don't realize for the last five seasons Dimi's been ranked at the bottom of the league in available cap space:

  • 2015 - 25th
  • 2016 - 29th
  • 2017 - 32nd
  • 2018 - 31st
  • 2019 - 31st

And as of right now he's limping into 2020 with a -$8.7M hit. His first ever negative. And lining up at the Troff to grease Julio and Sexton's pockets with a Lifetime deal. We're likely headed for a 2012 type purge or worse. Since 2012 he's had to jettison Abe, Grimes, Bryant, Turner, Roddy, TonyG, Mud Duck, Poe, Dimarco, Alf and Teco. Outside of Mack and Free his replacements have been downgrades. It took him a couple years to land them. And they might have to go next year, along with Sanu, Tru or Rico. Keep that head in the sand son. You will eventually find an egg.

See the source image


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