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So Gono's getting the start this week

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Some fans see the Green Grass in the field,, but don't notice the Cow poop that makes the grass green,,, And some fans only see the Cow poop. I'm glad I see the positive side ,, think positive and be positive and life will be so much better.  The greatest men in the bible had problems and were not perfect.. But they were believers.. That's what matters... Have faith ,,,  The greatest men in the Bible were just men,, The best of men are men at best !! ... Here;s a few thoughts I wrote down this morning that kind of goes along with 

1. Jacob was a cheater  2.Peter had a temper 3.David had an affair 4. Noah got drunk 5. Jonah ran from God 6. Paul was a murderer 7.Gideon was insecure 8. Miriam was a gossiper 9. Martha was a worrier 10. Thomas was a doubter 11. Sara was impatient 12. Ellijah was moody 13. Mary Magdaline was a hooker 14. Moses stuttered 15. Zaccheus was short 16. Ambraham was old 17. and Lazarus was dead ,, God doesn't call the qualified ,, He qualifies the called.

God used average people for His Glory no matter where you been and what you've done. By faith , all things are possible.

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41 minutes ago, falconidae said:

Then , one of Gono or McGary [hint, Gono] moves to guard.

Exactly. That's a good problem to have. And Gono looked pretty good for limited snaps. I'm excited to see him. He's developed a lot since last year and if he looks good on Thursday, he'll make it tough on all of the coaches to keep him off the field. 

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