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Official game thread Falcons Jets?

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What happened to all the panic about the defense not being able to stop anything? 

Our QB is amazing.

Overreactions and panic validation. I guess I’m just a homer.

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Sigh, posted this in another thread, updated it for this one:

Here's the totals of the 3rd string QBs from the last 2.5 preseasons. There's a reason the falcons have gone 0-10

2017  Simms   44/77/ 613 yards/ 1 TD/ 1 INT
2018 Benkert   20/64/347 yards/ 0 TD / 4 INT
2019 Simms      8/17/  86 yards /0/0

So, now it's 11 in  row and the 3rd string QB from last 2.5 preseasons:

2017  Simms   44/77/ 613 yards/ 1 TD/ 1 INT
2018 Benkert   20/64/347 yards/ 0 TD / 4 INT

2019 Simms  17/36/171 yards/ 0 TDs/ 3 TOs/ Pick 6

The QBs that have played the second half on the last 7 preseason games have 0 TDs, 7 TOs/ Pick 6

Can't win like that

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4 minutes ago, kenn.junior said:

We cant win a preseason game to save our lives and i know they don't matter but dang 11 straight losses. The only way we can win is if Thanos snaps is fingers and half the opponents players disappear lol.

Its because our depth has sucked in the TD era.

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Just now, Wardog357 said:

I think things would different if our real #2 QB hadn't went down. I just don't see any back up QB on our squad ready to play. But it's been a long time since we had a decent bu. Looked like we had promise till he hurt his foot. I hate PS....ready to get to the real stuff.



Oh, if Benkert is healthy falcons are  at least  2-1 and everyone freaking out about the losses and lack of depth are bragging about how well the depth is doing.

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