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Official game thread Falcons Jets?


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Just now, falconidae said:

Indeed, although game planning would help considerbly.

See, I actually disagree with that in this case. Ty was just getting beat by his man straight up in 1 v 1 battles. If we roll with him at RT to begin the year, I expect there will be a lot of TE help on his side.

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15 minutes ago, falconidae said:

Again only 2 big contracts

And Ty and Mack being cut saving 15 mil is about 2020.

After tonight, Mack is a long way from being cut...lol

7 guys making over 2.5 million is hardly nothing.  None of the big contracts will be gone.  It will be 50 million vs the CAP next year

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Just now, Road Warrior said:

This is one case where I don't like being right.  No way Bryant misses any of the 3 kicks I've seen this dude miss.  

Good news is that as far as I know Bryant is still available. We can bring him back if we need to.

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